John Atkinson

The J in jDevelop

John Atkinson has worked for over 20 years as a marketing and technical content developer, website designer and technical writer for a Global Fortune 2000 company developing custom web and mobile solutions as well as end-user technical documentation for on and offline distribution.


My philosophy is to go beyond the standard website creation process, with the core being quality, relevant, SEO optimized content contained in a technical framework meeting the requirements of a contemporary website: easy to find, stylish and appealing, quick loading, mobile responsive and easy to buy from.


My entire process and service offering is developed around providing everything a small business needs when they’re starting out – ensuring that working with me is always a quick, easy and hassle-free experience. I give my clients full control of their website without a ridiculous price tag. My goal is your success!

Limited Availability

My goal is to be able to provide first rate personalized services. In the interest of achieving that I am only accepting five more clients with monthly service contracts for web design and content delivery. I will consider one-off projects on a case by case basis.

Client Testimonials

Hacked Website Repaired, Restored and Secured

“John is such a life saver! After my site was hacked and I had tried unsuccessfully to get it up and running, a friend recommended his services.  He was attentive and thorough and had my site back up in no time.  He is very knowledgeable and takes great care of his clients.  Thank you, John!!”

-Regina, NC

New Website Development

“After 10 different web designers, 6 months and more than $4,000.00, I had nothing to show for it. Who would have thought that getting a website up and running was so painful. John took on the project and within a week and a half he developed my website and it was beautiful. It required very few changes. As this was my first web page I had little to no idea what to do. John talked me through the process and was very patient with my questions. John was also good a realizing what my wants were for the website from my personality and he nailed it right on the head. Another great aspect to working with John is that he does content building and he helped guide me through that process as well. All of the other web developers refused to do any content consulting, John was knowledgeable and was easy to work with. John knows what sells and what works for SEO to get people to your page get noticed by Google searches and he taught me strategies for making SEO work for me. He truly is the entire package and I’m really excited to work with him on future projects. I’d highly recommend John as your web developer!”

– Margaret W.

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